Monday, September 26, 2016

Keeping Hydrated

I've been trying to get back in balance with my fitness habits lately. On Saturday I ran a 5K and came in 17th overall and 4th in my division (oh so close to that medal!). I've been trying to drink more water, too. I recently received a free sample of Nestle Splash flavored water in the Grape-Acai flavor to try. I'm not on this hipster wagon so I don't know what the heck Acai is but I do like the way the water tastes. It's a little artificial but it is a nice change from plain water all the time, and satisfies my flavored-beverage craving to keep me away from the SodaStream (which I also love).
I'm hoping to do another 5K soon... any other tips for helping me get back in shape? I'm always looking for good cross-training ideas for my non-running days.

(I received a sample of the Nestle Splash water for sampling purposes, but the opinions above are all my own.)