Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It's WIP Wednesday, and I have been busy with some WIPs over the past few weeks. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Little Owl #2
You might recognize this pattern, as I recently finished knitting one of these little owls for my mom. One of her friends thought it was a real hoot (sorry... couldn't help myself), and so I'm making a second one for her. It just needs wings, feet, and stuffing. She requested it in green for St. Patrick's Day.

Just call me Patty!
2. Moosejaw Hat
This is a hat that I'm making for a friend of mine. He asked me oh-so-nicely to make it for him about 2 years ago, and I forgot all about it until my husband reminded me a week or so ago. I'm designing it to feature his nickname, "Moosejaw" in colorwork, along with a moose. I'm working it in Plymouth Sockotta yarn, which is a blend of cotton, wool, and nylon. It has, unfortunately, been discontinued.

Don't worry, that's not the infamous "naughty moose."
3. North Whales Road Sweater
This sweater, which I'm making with Malabrigo Worsted in the Lola Gilet pattern, got put on the back burner when I was away over Thanksgiving and needed to sit down and make up a spreadsheet for the left front decreases. It was languishing in its project bag until this weekend, when I decided to take action. I feel so foolish now for letting it linger so long; it took me only a few minutes to work out the decrease spreadsheet, and not much longer than that to work up the 40-ish decrease rows. Worsted weight yarn on size 9 needles just flies by, as it turns out, especially when each row has so few stitches.

The back is finished, and I'm working on the left front.
4. Finally, I recently pulled my Cabled Quasi-Crew socks out of hibernation. I made the first sock as a test-knit back in October of 2010, and never got around to making the second one. I have to admit, though I love the way that cables look, I find them rather tedious to make, which is probably why this has been unloved for so long. They are made out of Knit Picks Essential sock yarn (the old version of Knit Picks Stroll) in African Violets.

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