Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Reviews-Day: LoLo Redux

Game-Changer. Day-Saver. Lo-Lo.

A few months ago I reviewed a fabulous product from Bar Maids: The Lo-Lo Love Sampler. I praised its wonderful qualities: yummy scents, non-greasy feel, portable size... this product has it all. It's perfect for my skin in the winter time. When the warm weather started, I admit, I put it aside. That is, until this weekend.

I went camping in the mountains this past weekend and encountered my mortal enemy: the mosquito. I searched desperately through my travel bag for anti-itch cream, lotion, ointment, anything to calm my itchy skin. I begged my fellow campers, to no avail. Desperate, I pulled out my Lo-Lo Love Pink Grapefruit sample and rubbed it on the bite. The result seemed like a miracle: within moments, the itching stopped, my skin was soothed, and I didn't even think about the bite again for hours.

So now, here I am, back again to sing the praises of Lo-Lo! Even better, the generous folks at Bar Maids have provided a coupon code for a lucky reader to win a Lo Lo Love Sampler pack of your own!

To enter: leave a comment on this entry! Get a bonus entry if you subscribe via email using the box in the upper-right corner of the blog. Just come back and leave another comment saying that you subscribed. Please make sure to leave some form of contact information (email, Ravelry ID, etc.) in your comment so that I can contact you if you win. But wait! It gets better! If we get 100 entries, I will add a second coupon code to the mix - double the chance to win! Tell your friends, share on your blog, it's a win-win!

I will draw the winner next Tuesday, June 18th, at 10:00am ET and post the winner(s) on Wednesday, June 19th. Please note that the coupon code is valid for a Lo-Lo Love Sampler pack and shipping up to $1.80 (which should cover most places in the continental US). Shipping charges above that amount are the responsibility of the winner(s).


  1. I hate mosquitoes. Unfortunately, they love me.
    domesticknitterdesigns at gmail dot com :)

  2. I love multi-tasking items. Thanks for sharing!
    becky (at) newgirlintheair (dot) com

  3. Hi there! Using my hubbies email addy

    ~Emily H.

    bhess0529 at gmail dot com

  4. mosquitos track me. if there's one in the room, it's for me! grrr! will have ot try lolo on them. thank you for your generous chance to win and thanki you barmaids for generosity. i will share this on my blog and in my fave rav group. i hope you have better luck with your give away than i did. i did a giveaway for sewmamasew, a lot of people subscribed who dont follow my blog and didnt give contact info so i have used RNG TWICE to pick a winner and neither time got contact info and neither of the winners ever got in touch with me :( lol
    going to pick a 3rd tomorrow :)

  5. I have 3 reasons why I should win. 1) I'm a mosquito magnet. 2) I live in Florida where the mosquito is the state bird (kidding, sort of) and 3) tomorrow is my birthday.

    Photoknitgal on Ravelry.