Monday, October 17, 2011

MOM Monday?

Dear friends, readers, and fellow knitters, I am stuck.
As I write this, the month of October is more than halfway over, and I have not yet started knitting this month's MOM club piece. Furthermore, I haven't even decided what to knit this month, and I am running out of time.
Maybe I've lost my MOM mojo. Maybe the pressure of having to follow her undisputed favorite creation yet, Finsbury Squirrel, is just too much. All I know is this: I have only two weeks left in this month to make something adorable.
Since Finsbury was such a hit, I am thinking about another Amanda Berry pattern, but I'm not sure which one. I was also looking at chipmunk patterns on Ravelry, because a chipmunk has recently taken up residence in the back woods, but none of them seemed right.
Help me, Blogosphere! You're my only hope!


  1. I was ready to help, until you wrote that last line. Now all I can say "Is there a Princess Leia figure in knit?"

  2. What about