Monday, September 12, 2011

MOM Monday

Things are finally starting to return to normal after the chaos of our move and starting our new jobs. The Labor Day holiday gave me a chance to really clean and organize our new home, and unpack a LOT of boxes. I even managed to finish the September installment for my mom's club, only a week behind schedule.

This project was very special because I not only knitted the project, but I also spun the yarn. I used 100% alpaca roving from my friend Deb's animals. The yarn is about a sport weight (13 wpi) and I held it double on size 4 needles to make the finished product nice and sturdy.

          From roving....                              To spinning...                                 To yarn!

Without further ado, meet Zeke!

Zeke is made from Rebecca Danger's pattern called Zeke the Aloof Alpaca. I have made several of her other patterns before, including a set of Bunny Nuggets and Cecil the Computer Monster. Zeke has a big personality and is already making himself right at home amongst my mom's other critters!

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  1. Very cute! In other news, I totally have that rug :)