Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Recently I have been working through a bout of "finishitis" (the extremely rare condition that occasionally presents in knitters who have numerous unfinished projects-in-progress, with symptoms mirroring those of it's much more common counterpart, "startitis"). During my recent move it occurred to me how many WIPs I had in various stages of completion, and I was motivated to finally finish some of the languishing items.
This week, I have been working on my neglected February Baby Sweater, which was originally intended as a gift for either of two babies who are each now approaching 6 months of age (fail). The wonderful thing about being in the phase of life that I'm currently enjoying (read: my mid-twenties), is that hardly a day goes by without an announcement from one friend or another that a new baby is on the way. So, I have knit on with renewed resolve to finish this adorable garment for whichever baby happens to come along at the right time.
Here's the sweater in its current state of noncompletion:


  1. Oh the sweater is so cute! I love the color.

  2. Just darling. I must do another of those, but my nieces keep having boys!