Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Hexipuff Update

It is my goal to update the blog with a running total of my Hexipuff count each Thursday. I'm aiming to complete my Beekeeper's Quilt (a total of approximately 384 puffs) by the end of 2012.

It has been another crazy week. Lots of unpacking, some holiday traveling, and fortunately, lots of knitting time. I am still behind on my 'puff count, but I am making progress and I hope to be back on track by the end of this weekend. The big news, though, is that I hit a milestone this week: I passed the 100 'puff mark!

Today's Tally:
As of this posting, I have completed a total of 103 Hexipuffs! Only 281 more to go!
It looks as though Puffy the penguin is trying to make a rookery out of my hexipuffs!

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