Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Hexipuff Update!

It is my goal to update the blog with a running total of my Hexipuff count each Thursday. I'm aiming to complete my Beekeeper's Quilt (a total of approximately 384 puffs) by the end of 2012.

Today's Tally:
As of this posting, I have completed a total of 69 Hexipuffs! Only 315 more to go!
I completed 7 puffs this week, which keeps me on pace to finish by the end of the year. The big news is that the puffs overflowed the owl-print basket this week, so I moved them to a larger basket for photos. Eventually I'll need both baskets and a few more to hold all the puffs, but this is the first step.

Look at all those happy little puffs!

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